6 Brands Killing It On Youtube – And Why

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6 Brands Killing It On Youtube – And Why

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YouTube is an essential part of your brand’s online output (and our social habits!). With that in mind, we went on a hunt for some creative inspiration. We’ve come back with six brands with brilliant YouTube channels, and dived in to work out what makes them awesome!

Click through at your peril – some of the videos we’ve found are so breathtaking you’ll end up on an all-night YouTube binge.

When your major product is a video camera, you can’t really go without having a killer YouTube channel, and the team at GoPro have outdone themselves. There are videos to cover off almost everything you can use their cameras for, from shooting your travel adventures to action sports, drones, and the Tour De France.

Best of all, they cultivate amazing user-generated content via the annual GoPro awards, which adds another dimension to their feed. There’s also an array of tutorial videos to help with the basics of shooting with a GoPro.

Their channel feeds off our desire for adventure. It’s aspirational. It makes you want to explore, and to record yourself doing it. But most importantly, it gives you the camera, and the know-how to make that dream a reality.

Okay, so how does a supermarket go about making their videos cool when their shopping experience is commonly seen as a chore? Start with super-functional content in the form of one-minute recipe/tutorial videos.

Now you’re doing more than just selling food. You’re helping the parents out there cure those creative kitchen blues, and you’re saving them from buying another cookbook.

Then, solve another major issue – getting kids to eat their veggies and greens – with some awesome influencer content, including stars like Nic Naitanui, and super cool and creative recipes. Bingo!

The new trend in accommodation is getting innovative online, setting up several little video playlists. From interior design tips for hosts to profiles of new and undiscovered destinations, and stories of people connecting in all the far-flung corners of the world, there’s something for everyone here.

For hosts, Airbnb is looking to make life easy by showing them it’s not that hard to turn their houses into awesome accommodation.

For travellers, they’re creating and selling a lifestyle, and also their point of difference. Go on your adventure with Airbnb to meet great people you can connect with, while you’re staying in beautiful accommodation. What’s not to love?

Red Bull’s channel follows the same themes as their other channels, activations and sponsorships. Like Airbnb, they’re playing the lifestyle card – the message is to drink Red Bull and do cool stuff. “It’s so extreme you’ll definitely be needing an energy boost.”

Like GoPro, so many of Red Bull’s videos focus on action sports. They run miniature series, with some even releasing a weekly episode. The branding is subtle, usually taking the form of product placement and the Red Bull watermark on each video.

They took Mick Fanning to surf under the Northern Lights, and they focus on regularly collaborating with snowboarders, BMX riders, rally car drivers, surfers and ironman icons to sell that extreme lifestyle. If it’s potentially dangerous and more than a little adventurous, Red Bull are probably involved.

Short, sharp and shiny is the central point of Ben and Jerry’s YouTube channel. That ice-cream sandwich you want to make? Yeah – they’ll show you how in less than 45 seconds.

As well as sharp and mind boggling recipe content, Ben and Jerry’s have also aligned themselves with the climate change movement, and with a push for renewed and more functional democracy in the United States. They’ve been shooting videos from rallies and marches, as well as content with great personal stories.

It’s criminal for a fashion brand to only post shoddy videos of their fashion shows on YouTube, and Dior certainly don’t fall into that category. Their channel goes beyond fashion to encompass makeup, accessories and fragrances, and their content is shot beautifully every time.

They provide backstage experiences for fans of the brand, including makeup tutorials, and have worked with fan-favourite model, Cara Delevingne. They also film short and informative interviews with the brand’s most influential people, to give buyers an understanding of the level of craftsmanship in everything Dior do.

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