Forget Shopify, eBay or Iconic: Instagram is the new place to shop.

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Forget Shopify, eBay or Iconic: Instagram is the new place to shop.

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Instagram is now making it easier and easier for you to shop your favourite products without having to exit the app (and immediately forget about the item you were coveting after seconds before). The photo app keeps smashing out new features to increase sales for businesses, from a shopping section on the discover page and, more recently, within the business profile itself. This is paving the way for a an even more slick feature: checking out directly through Instagram without layering the mobile website for the brand on top of the app. This feature is already available in the US for 20 well-known brands and is sure to filter through to Australia in the coming months.

These new shopping features are available for brands that have the shopping feed set up on Facebook: it already exists on the latter platform, but it is pretty new for Instagram (and will undoubtedly be more popular). You can see the “shop” link as soon as you click on a brand’s business profile that has the feature set up, and you’re immediately faced with their most popular products and their prices, so you’re just one click away from being directed to the website and making a purchase. This is a big deal for sales as it takes out the, often tedious, middleman. You’re on the feed of a brand you really love, looking at a product you really want to buy, and all it takes it one click on the product to immediately see the price, one more click and you’re on the website with the option to add to your bag. Easy!

The features vary slightly in aesthetics between Android and iOS but they both run a smooth operation to ensure easy sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re more of an “I don’t care what I’m shopping for I just want to buy” Explore Page shopper, or an “I love this brand, I’m going to click on their profile and see what products would be suitable for me” shopper, Instagram has something for you.

Watch this space.