Spotify Self-Serve Ads Have Launched In Australia

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Spotify Self-Serve Ads Have Launched In Australia

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Spotify, the most-popular music streaming service in the business right now, has just announced the launch of its self-serve advertising platform. Spotify Ad Studio allows brands and businesses to easily create their own audio ads through a simple step-by-step process. Thousands of advertisers have already used the studio, which launched in the UK, the US and Canada in 2017. Connecting with your audience via audio advertising has never been this easy.

Why Audio?

Advertising via audio is super-powerful. You’re with people in their cars, at their desks, and in their living rooms. It’s personal. Given the average Australian spends 3.4 hours every day* listening to audio, there’s so much value for advertisers to tap into.

Creating your Ad

Creating an audio ad has never been easy. You have to write the script, find backing music, record your script, mix, and so on. That’s where Spotify’s new platform is so effective. They do most of the grunt work for you. You can build your ad in as little as ten minutes.

All you have to do is write a script under 75 words (to keep it in the 30-second window), pick your language preferences and the voice profile of your speaker, pick a backing track, and then send it off to Spotify!

Budget and Monitoring

The minimum budget for an ad is $250. The maximum is $8K. That budget will be evenly spread across the duration of your ad, which you also select when you launch. You can track the results as you go, so you can refine your targeting for your next round of ads.

The Targeting

You can target via location, age, gender, listening behaviour, playlist activities (i.e. cooking, gaming, etc), and listening device. The location targeting allows you hit cities (i.e. Melbourne, but not individual suburbs (i.e. Preston).

Happy listening/advertising!

*Data from Vision Critical’s Share of Listening study (2017)