Seven Instagram Accounts Our Team Are Loving

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Seven Instagram Accounts Our Team Are Loving


Despite the fact we try and make sure our Instagram scrolling is strictly work-related, we can’t help but get sidetracked once in a while. We asked a few members of our team to give us their favourite Instagram account right now…

Jack – Resident Reader/Coffee Addict

Bookworm and avid nerd Jack loves @fosterhunting, an account curated by Kerouac-style “van-dweller” Foster Huntington. The page is a gold mine of outdoor snaps. Some of the amazing vans, trucks and campers Foster has converted are also on display, as well as plenty of tree-houses! The pick of the bunch is the X-Wing Fighter pictured below, which was crafted entirely out of scrap copper by @earthtolane.

Kerri – The Content Creator & Meme Enthusiast

@hectors_deli in Richmond is a touch too far away for a quick lunch break, so brunch and meme lover Kerri gets by with a little scroll. This Instagram feed is a smorgasbord of burgers, bagels and toasties, always scrumptious and often dripping with melted cheese. If that isn’t enough, the shots of coffee should do the trick!

Hollie – The Flamingo Collector

@sophlog is a self-professed colour lover, just like Hollie. It takes serious skill to pop so much colour into one page. You can only applaud the effort! It’s hard not to feel uplifted by all the brightness and the smiley faces.

David – Our Happy Snapper

It takes one to know one, which must be why our photographer and designer Dave loves @adamsenatori’s feed. Senatori is a photographer and a pilot, so it makes sense that his best shots are taken from the air. His collection of photos from across America’s cityscapes and landscapes is always beautiful and the range of colours is perhaps the most striking part (unless you’ve got vertigo). There’s everything from the blues, blacks and purples of the starry night sky, to the orange hazes and falling leaves of autumn.

Alice – The Responsible Dog Lover

Alice is a certified dog lover and needs a regular puppy-based fix. @woofandwalls  features snaps of dogs in front of street art from right across the globe. Unsurprisingly, juxtaposing two of the most instagrammable things imaginable has made this account seriously popular. Every time we look, we’re super tempted to rush out of the office and find a dog so we can submit our own snaps.

Kelsey – The Fitness Junkie

Away from the office, Kelsey lives in her activewear and generally inspire the rest of the office with her running power. @girlfriendcollective are all about ethically sourced and sustainable garments of the highest quality. Their activewear is simple and unpretentious, featuring lots of blacks, whites and pastels, and their Instagram feed follows the same trend. There’s plenty of the great outdoors to see, and unlike other activewear brands, they feature more than just fitness models on their feed.

Neeve – The Trend Setter

It was inevitable that someone would choose @beyonce. Neeve is a big fan. Queen B’s feed is a little more thoughtful than just glitz and glam, though. The three photos in each row are usually deliberately posted together. Sometimes it’s the same outfit shot in three different ways, or three photos that combine to make a political statement. There’s more to Beyonce’s Instagram game than you might think.

Follow along at your own risk!

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