Industry Trends – December 2018

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Industry Trends – December 2018


With the end of the year nearing, we look back at some of the most interesting reports released in the past months to review the statistics and insights.

Email Marketing

The Township team have worked in marketing and digital marketing for over 15 years, and in that time we’ve consistently heard of the death of email marketing and honestly, we’ve just never believed it. So we were excited to see the report come through from the team at the Orchard Agency on the state of email marketing in Australia. They did a deep dive into the email marketing activity and some of the results were fascinating, that’s why they are a key component of our trend report.

One main call out from their report is the difficulty people have with actually tracking and knowing the success of their email marketing activity; 20% of companies didn’t know their average open rate and 1 in 3 didn’t know their average click-through rate. Also interesting was the report that companies who sent more than 10 emails per month saw an ROI of $31.87 per email, compared to $19.43 for those who only sent 1 email or less per month. The big call out here was that those sending 10 or more per month, were generally better overall at optimisation, personalisation and automation of their emails.

E-Commerce in Australia

E-Commerce in Australia continues to grow with the online shopping industry now worth an estimated $23 Billion. The rise of the Buy Now Pay Later players AfterPay (who now have 2.3million customer and 17.7k merchants) and Zip Money in Australia are having a massive impact for small and large online retailers alike. One in ten transactions via BNPL is for the Health and Beauty industry, and days like AfterYay day this year (Aug 16th) merchants saw record-breaking sales.

Some sectors are growing faster than others with the Homewares sector showing a 54% growth Year on Year for average monthly sales and Healthy & Beauty growing 19% YoY also. The Supplement and Nutrition sector on the other hand, saw a decline of 45% in average monthly sales YoY.

Internet of Things & Smart Speakers

Australia, second only to Canada, has the second highest rates of adoption of smart speakers since launch, with 5% of households using a smart speaker. This isn’t a shock considering there are also reports that by 2022, a short 3 years away, the average Australian household will have an average of 37 internet connected devices per household.

Consider how many connected devices you have right now….phones, laptops, Kindles, FitBits, Google home or Alexa, depending on preference, smart TVs,  cars, more and more devices are getting connected, 37 doesn’t seem that impossible after a quick count!

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