Despite digital and tech spaces often being hailed as a male profession, proven by the fact that, shockingly, women only make up 30% of the digital workforce, women are 11% more digitally skilled than men<. The term “girl boss” has been coined and spread for a reason. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, The Township have chosen a few of their favourite women currently working (and bossing it) in digital spaces to inspire you today.

01 String Nguyen: for giving LinkedIn a healthy balance of business (and fried chicken).

Awarded the 2017 & 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice

String is on a mission to create a community of storytellers and to help people ace video content. She embraces her personality and uses it to brand herself, but, more importantly, to stand out in a very noisy online world. Oh, and she loves fried chicken…

LinkedIn has been the top professional social platform since the corporate lifestyle began to transfer over and she is arguing to, yes, be professional but please, let’s not be boring. Her success shows that this philosophy works: String grew her LinkedIn following from 0 – 30,000 in 14 months!

Here are a few tips from String:

Be human

Be a channel. Be daring. Be a voice. We have enough tech and bots in our lives these days, so let your human out.

Connect with your viewers

Interacting with your audience help to build a community around you. Viewers are also a valuable source of inspiration, as they can provide you with new content ideas. It’s the people out there watching, so get with the people.

Plan your content and channels

Before you start, think about why you’re building a channel: is it to build your influence and credibility in your industry? Consider what kind of niche channel you want to be known for. What value can you give that no one else can?

02 Ali Adey: For getting the gals together!

– Founder of She Mentor

The business world hasn’t made much room for women, and for those that do manage to rise to the top, it can sometimes be a little lonely. So, after recognising a distinct lack of female leaders in Australia, Ali Adey soon started a meetup group for like-minded women in business to connect in 2017. After an enormous amount of success, she launched She Mentors online, which is a community of women who support and empower each other through challenges, failures and achievements. She Mentors recently launched a members club to give women access to leaders in their industries, mentor workshops, masterclasses, events and exclusive content. Also, word on the grapevine… they sometimes have wine.

“I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but working for it” – Estée Lauder

03 Melanie Perkins: The uni drop out who built a business valued at $1 Billion Dollars.

– Canva CEO

Frustrated with the traditional learning structure of her university, Melanie soon realised that the pace was far too slow compared with the always evolving tech and digital industry. During her time there, she was teaching other students how to use InDesign and Photoshop and she realised how difficult it was to learn without the proper tools and resources. Melanie saw an opportunity, so she dropped out of uni and started her prototypes. She flew to California to pitch her idea to Bill Tai, a well-known tech investor, which lead to introductions in Silicon Valley and eventually financial backing from Google Executive, Cameron Adams.

And so, Canva was born: a helpful online design creation platform that can be used by beginners and professionals alike. It launched in 2013, employees over 200 people and has 10 million users across 179 countries. Amazingly, 10 designs are created via the Canva website every second!

04 Domini Marshall: Letting voices with big stories be heard.

– Founder of Her Words

Attributing to commerce and other channels of revenue is easy in the digital space, but as our world has become more connected, we have the opportunity to become more educated on other pressing issues.Her Words is an Australian web series and platform for diverse women’s voices and it shares the stories and experiences of those who identify as women.

Domini was awarded the Tom Organic Female Empowerment grant forher words, has been featured on the Thinkergirls Podcast, and was recognised at the Foundation for Young Australians Young Social Pioneers in 2016.

“I believe stories matter. Words matter. People matter. Whether telling the story of a brand or an individual, the goal is the same: connection.” – Domini

Take a moment from your day to hear someone’s story and check out the great work that Her Words does.

To all the women, bosses and pioneers: we celebrate you today and hope you let the passion drive your next big move. Be assertive and get sh*t done, hear out your gut instincts and maybe just grab today by the balls.