At The Barbers

At the barbers

Client: BrewArt

Design / Activation

For BrewArt, being the world’s first fully-automated personal brewing system is nothing short of impressive – meaning that we had to create activations with impact. ‘BrewArt at the Barbers’ was one of those. By building relationships with a diverse range of lifestyle influencers, forming strongly-aligned partnerships with on-trend venues and suppliers, and subsequently throwing an exclusive event that saturated socials, The Township was able to position BrewArt as an aspirational must-have during the peak buying period before Christmas. Together, we were a’head’ of the game. The Township migrated from Preston to The Bearded Man on Melbourne’s coveted Chapel Street, filling the venue with beats, street food and some of Melbourne’s top barbers, ready to engage the influencers in more than just another event. Through live event coverage across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as the efforts of influencer collaborations, the event generated a total reach of 356k+, 8k+ post likes, 109 post comments and 4.5k article views. This was a huge result for the BrewArt brand. Not only did the influencers leave freshly trimmed following a taste of their first personal brews, their branded content firmly establised the brand’s identity and positively supported brand awareness objectives.

It was the ‘ship.