New Flavours

New Flavours

Client: Aunty Kath’s

Social / Market Research  / Design

The Township loves cookies, and so does Aunty Kath’s community; but which new release would they love the most?

In partnership with Aunty Kath’s, The Township sweetened up traditional market research by designing, building, hosting and amplifying a consumer insights-based competition, incentivising fans to submit their thoughts around potential NPD, in support of the brand’s new flavours initiative.

The competition was hosted within an immersive and easily accessible Facebook tab, finding its way to consumers through eye-catching promoted posts and advertising creatives across Facebook and Instagram. 438 eager fans entered the competition – expressing their favourite of the four new flavour options – reaching 66.1k relevant users, generating over 1.9k engagements and providing Aunty Kath’s with an answer as to which new cookie flavour their consumers would like to purchase, bake and eventually devour.

Aunty Kath’s got their cookies and we ate them too.