Pretty Powerful

Pretty Powerful

Client: Pretty Foundation

Social / Design / Website Development / Philanthropic

At its core, the key function of social media is to share – so together with Pretty Foundation, we used it as a vessel to share positivity by supporting their ‘Pretty Powerful’ campaign; raising awareness of body image issues amongst girls between the ages of two and six.

In doing so, the Township launched new Facebook and Instagram accounts filled with relevant, meaningful content, while nurturing engaged, growing communities through paid and organic social activity. In collaboration with Pretty Foundation, we encouraged ambassadorship with key personalities, influencers and spokespeople who were able to convey the campaign’s key messaging and subsequently increase the reach and impact of ‘Pretty Powerful’.

Our design and digital teams created a home for the campaign in the form of a content-rich website, updating it regularly throughout the campaign period. Fittingly, the lasting impact was pretty powerful.