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As a female-led business with young, empowered employees striving to reach their full potential, we felt particular devastation as events unfolded in Afghanistan recently. Following the withdrawal of allied troops, millions were forced to flee as the Taliban took control after 20 years of conflict. The Taliban is known for its ruthless rule over minority groups and women, who previously lost their rights to education, freedom of travel, freedom of choice and the freedom to enjoy activities such as exercise and competitive sports. 

As Jason Sourasis, owner of our parent company Jaszac Investments, stated, “The events that unfolded in Afghanistan last month and the devastating impact they will have on women’s rights, education and rightful place in society were very difficult to watch.” Women deserve the freedom to follow their passions and participate in every level of society, from the boardroom to the playing field. And we at The Township believe now is the time for action!

Among the millions who fled the Taliban were seven female taekwondo athletes who, during the years free from Taliban rule, aimed towards their goals. After a successful rescue mission led by Australian Taekwondo, the Australian Government and Oceania Taekwondo they are now safe on Australian soil.

We are unbelievably proud that our parent company Jaszac, aided in the swift actions required to get these athletes out safely. CEO and former Olympian, Daniel Trenton said, “Their story is one of courage and perseverance… it is amazing that they remain positive despite having to abandon everything they knew and loved.”

Now, led by Jason Sourasis and Daniel Trenton, we ask for your assistance through our GoFundMe page, to help these incredibly brave women build their lives here in safety, and continue to follow their dreams. 

From the ages of 16 to 25 these young women deserve every opportunity we can offer. Your support will assist with providing them with clothing, food and resources as they settle into a new life. With aspirations to represent Australia in Taekwondo at the Olympics in 2024 and beyond, they’re ready to take on the world, with you behind them!

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