June has seen more Augmented Reality added to social platforms & the rise of deepfake and other AI technology

This month we have insights into what people are engaging with on Facebook, Australian media groups sign up to support climate change action, and investigate just why everyone hates the Corporate Art Style.

1. Digital avatars launched across TikTok

More and more platforms are releasing digital avatars, with TikTok the latest to do so. Similar to Apple’s Memoji users can create a digital version of themselves that mimics what you are doing on camera. You can then use this avatar as an overlay across TikTok clips, with a whole host of creative possibilities.

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 2. Social media spending up 8% year on year across APAC

New data was released late May which shows some very interesting trends in social media.  Overall the year on year spend across Facebook and Instagram for APAC was up 8% despite engagement continuing to slide on the platforms. Facebook is seeing the worst of this with an 18% drop in engagement year on year, while Instagram has held relatively steady. There are elements that people are still engaging with however – Live Video is currently performing the best on Facebook & carousel formats are generating the most engagement on Instagram.

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3. Australian media groups sign up to support Ad Net Zero

The Advertising Council Australia (ACA), the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) and the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) announced that they would be supporting the Ad Net Zero movement, a global initiative to drive advertising’s response to the climate crisis. This movement was founded in the UK in 2020 by the World Federation of Advertisers, with the aim to reduce carbon emissions from the industry & address climate change concerns.

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4. Instagram testing AR stickers

AR continues to be a major trend in the digital space with Instagram testing new AR stickers in Instagram stories. These will let you add animated digital objects into your physical space – if this sounds familiar Snapchat introduced a similar feature in 2017. While this seems like one small update they have indicated that this is one of the first steps for adding more AR and digital items to the platform.

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5. Deepfake technology pros & cons for digital marketing

Deepfake technology is rapidly advancing, with more sophisticated generators appearing every day such as the recent rise of DALL-E Mini meme’s across the internet. There are definitely a number of concerning factors in the usage of deepfake’s, such as the many documented scam cases, but it also unlocks a number of opportunities for marketers such as more personalised and niche campaigns.

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6.  It’s not just you: Why people hate “Corporate Art Style”

You can probably picture it without us even having to describe it to you –  the Corporate Art Style are those flat, pastel drawings of people. First developed for Facebook, it has been copied by tech companies and start-ups everywhere, due to being easy to create, a playful style, and ‘inclusivity’ with non-representational skin notes. But a large number of people hate this style, for the exact same reasons. Click the link to learn why.

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