Beauty consumer insights, pronouns and how much does a meme cost?

We might be seeing a lot of light at the end of the tunnel after 2020, but one thing is for certain: consumers are going to continue shopping online for a long time to come. This comes after Google has released their insights into Aussie and NZ beauty consumer beauty habits, so if this is something that interests you, then read on. We also look at the rise of purchasing viral content, some incredible logo design inspiration with hidden meanings, Instagram makes it easy to add pronouns to your profile and Twitter makes it easier to apply for a verified blue badge.

1. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are now adding a price tag to viral content

Memes, YouTube clips and, as we mentioned back in our March Bulletin, the first-ever Tweet are all starting to make bank as NFTs. The latest slice of media to be auctioned is the Charlie Bit My Finger video from 2007, for an impressive $760,999. Not sure what an NFT is? Short for Non-Fungible Tokens, they’re a new type of cryptocurrency that’s basically like a digital collectors card. Although it means you don’t technically own what you’ve bought, they can’t be replicated, so if you get something rare, it can increase in price over the years.

What are NFT's?Charlie Bit My Finger AuctionGamestop is building an NFT Platform

2. Google release insights into Aussie and NZ beauty consumer habits

Aussies and Kiwis are turning more and more to online shopping to stock up on their personal care products as people looked for safer ways to shop for their essentials throughout 2020 – something that consumers have said they’ll keep doing, even after businesses have recovered from the impacts of the pandemic. As you can see from the graph to the right, almost double the amount of Australians searched “online shopping” on Google than the year before! Plus, 46% of Aussies made their first cosmetics purchase since February 2020 recently, 72% of Aussies have said they research online before buying health and personal care and more than 50% use YouTube to help them decide what to buy… so if you’re not using it already, add YouTube to your brand’s social media line-up.

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3. Some design inspiration: Logos with Meaning

Thinking of a new logo for your brand? Why not try one with a hidden meaning? Graphic designer Gary Dimi Pohty has created a new logo with a hidden meaning every single day for over 3 years and they’re an incredible way to use symbolism, negative space and geometric shapes to convey the meaning. There’s Cow Clothing Co. which looks like a cow’s face or a jacket whichever way you look at it, a Tooth Fairy logo with a tooth shape in the hair and Twinkle, where the stars together create the K, we’ve added a few favourites below. Impressive stuff!

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4. Instagram follows Facebook & Linkedin allowing users to add Pronouns to your profiles

One trend amongst social media platforms that’s genuinely inclusive at the moment is the ability to add your pronouns to your profile, with Facebook, Linkedin and now Instagram all adding this feature. On Instagram it’s easy, simply edit your profile, type in your pronouns, and decide if everyone or just your followers can see them.

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5. Twitter opens up an easier way to apply for a blue badge

Twitter’s Community Management team must be completely fed up with the constant “can you verify me” crusaders and have finally added an official way to get your hands on the blue badge… Or at least an easier way to try. Simply submit an application for one in-app from your account settings then wait for them to make a decision. Easy!

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