The newest addition to Instagram is one of the most exciting yet, for brands and customers alike! Launched for a test in 2016, Instagram Shopping allows brands to tag products in their photos, making it easy for customers to click through to e-commerce sites to make a purchase.

In March 2018, the Instagram Shopping tool finally launched in Australia, and some of the biggest brands in the country have already jumped on board, including Country Road, M.J Bale and The Iconic.

As well as making Instagram a lot more interactive, the tool opens up so many possibilities for your brand. Here’s our run-down!

01 What can brands do?

Brands can tag up to five products within an image, providing consumers with the name and price of each item. Each tagged product also has a link, which the user can click to be taken to an online store, where they can buy the item(s).

02 What does this mean for consumers? 

For consumers, the change makes purchasing the products you love even easier. Gone are the days of having to click back to a bio link to find the product you’ve just fallen in love with in that awesome Instagram post.

03 And for brands?

For brands, Instagram Shopping creates a seamless shopping journey for the platform, something that’s been absent thus far. The arrival of such a pathway makes the platform even more attractive for brands. It also means that brands are in a far better position to assess the key metrics, and refine their approaches appropriately.

04 What are the challenges?

The tool increases the value of brilliant visual content, and places brands under more pressure to keep their platforms mobile-friendly and their e-commerce sites highly functional.  A full mobile marketing plan that factors in the different consumer behaviour of mobile users is also an absolute must now! 

Watch this space, or contact us for help getting your brand set up on Instagram Shopping!