Email Marketing

88% of Millennials want to hear from you by email.

Your Email Marketing Program

Email marketing should be the cornerstone of any Marketing plan. For years the debate has raged about the death of email but in the years we have been working in marketing, email marketing has not only secured itself as a must-have but has expanded its scope. Today’s email marketing capabilities provide personalisation, automation and targeting opportunities to empower marketers to send better, more informative and useful content directly to the inbox of their customer.

So, what is your email marketing program?


A regular newsletter works to establish and maintain a consistent connection between you and your customer. The timing, content and messaging of your newsletter are unique to each business & industry and we love to trial and test to optimise your email communication strategy.

Welcome Series

A user has just signed up to your email database – now is the best time to contact them. Direct them to key sections on your site, tell them about your brand and showcase your best products, a key service or an interesting blog post.

Campaign Emails

Emails are a fantastic tool to promote and amplify campaigns you have running for your business. Better yet, if you’re promoting an offer or service that is targeted to a segment of your audience, you can customise the content dynamically for each segment.

Abandoned Cart

75.6% of online shopping carts were abandoned worldwide in the first quarter of 2018, according to Statista.  Have an automated abandoned cart email in place to encourage your potential customers back to complete their purchase.

Review Request Emails

Reviews of your products or services assist potential new customers to assess the relevance of the product for them. Automated emails, requesting reviews from customers who have previously purchased, is an efficient way to gather more reviews.

Product Recommendation Emails

Upsell complementary products or services to your current customer base through product recommendation emails. The timing of the email and the right choice of related product or service are key to success here.

Ready to create your Email Marketing Program?

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