Who we are

Who we are.

Online, offline, internal and external; at our very core The Township is a community fueled by objective-driven partnerships, working relationships and creative ownership. From our humble beginnings as Get Glossy in 2009, we have expanded from a team of four to a cohesive community of Operations and Strategy Leads, Digital Marketers, Account Managers, Community Managers, Creatives, Designers, Developers and Interns.

Together, we create holistic 360-degree solutions and engaging go-to-market strategies, generated from insights, analytics and industry know-how, enabling us to identify and amplify the touchpoints of brand experience. In other words; we know people, we understand their digital habits and are able to create and activate one-of-a-kind concepts they’ll instantly connect with.

Like a town, we’re constantly growing and evolving to cater for the needs of those who are part of our community: our clients, customers and collaborators.

What can we say? We’re the ‘ship.

The Townspeople.

Alice Brown

Operations manager

Catch-cry: "Google it"

Town persona: The Go-To Girl

Favourite place around Town: Ruffey Park, Templestowe

David Campo


Catch-cry: "Why do you need the raw files?"

Town persona: The Lookerafterer

Favourite place around Town: Polly

Dylan Sucevic

Campaign Producer

Catch-cry: "Choooooon"

Town persona: The Internationalist

Favourite place around Town: Coburg

Jon Burfurd

General Manager

Keeley Gadsby

Content Producer

Lily Trajkovski

Creative Director

Neeve Fagan

Community Coordinator

Catch-cry: "Sarah, can I ask you a quick question...?"

Town persona: Steve

Favourite place around Town: Yarraville

Niall Kiernan

Account Director

Rachel O’Toole

Group Account Director & Digital manager

Catch-cry: "Is Google Analytics installed?" Town persona: Data Nerd Favourite place around Town: Botanical Gardens

Sarah Mizzi

Account Manager

Catch-cry: "So this is probably a dumb question, but..."

Town persona: The Worry Wart

Favourite place around Town: Crown

Simone Stenner


Catch-cry: "I don't even know"

Town persona: Film Enthusiast

Favourite place around Town: Half Moon Bay/ Any Beach

Zikai Bi

Digital Producer