With the introduction of AI comes more experimentation, because humans are nothing if not clever and creative! Take a look at where AI has taken LinkedIn and Audi this month, and keep an eye out for new TikTok tools, let’s dive in.

1. TikTok launches Search Ads.

According to data released last year it became clear that consumers use TikTok to access information, with nearly 40% of those aged 18 to 24 using it to search. It then comes as no surprise that TikTok is looking to build on that by launching search ads. According to various ad agencies TikTok is taking their search operation seriously. A spokesperson from the ad agency Mekanism said that TikTok “can actually generate a whole new ad revenue stream,” which is what it appears they will do. Though Google will probably never be overpowered, even with a small slice of that pie TikTok is set to make millions.

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 2. AI gives Audi marketing an upgrade.

As personalisation became the focus of digital marketing, marketers have struggled to create experiences that have been unique, and seamless for individual users. Yet Audi’s new collaboration with PHD Media may have broken through, being the first advertiser to test Kerv’s new Dynamic Destination ad product. According to Marketing Dive, “Using Kerv’s Dynamic Destination tool, advertisers can achieve personalisation at scale by taking the manual work out of creating unique landing pages for consumers.” Audi’s campaign utilised QR codes that relied on triggers like location, time of day and weather to generate a personalised experience, and it captured 98% of a total 14.1 million viewers. With this campaign a success, the future for AI marketing may become ever clearer. Tap the link below to read more about this campaign.

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3. Gain easy insights with TikTok’s keywords tool.

In another bid to make things easier for marketers, TikTok has added a ‘Keyword Insights’ element in their Creative Center. This tool is aimed at helping marketers find which keywords and phrases are trending best in TikTok ads, with example videos. You can see how often the words have been used, what the CTR of the ads has been (on average), and more. This helps marketers discover what’s working and create meaningful ads that convert to clicks. If you want to try it, head to their Creative Center now!

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4. LinkedIn announces AI collaborative content.

Starting a conversation is harder than joining one – this is the premise behind LinkedIn’s new AI initiative. According to the team at Social Media Today, LinkedIn is jumping on the AI bandwagon, announcing that they will be using AI to create Collaborative Articles. AI-generated prompts will call on specific users for their expertise and input to create thought-provoking articles. The process, the team at LinkedIn says, is to help to create shared knowledge as it “enables experts to contribute their lessons, anecdotes, and advice based on professional experience.” If anything, through this initiative we might see how AI could enhance creativity and collaboration among creatives and professionals, without taking it over.

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5. This month’s top trends to start paying attention to.


Whether it’s the de-influencing trends (highlighting the products not to buy) or the selfie stats for social media marketers (get your product into the hands – and selfies – of fans), there’s a lot going on in social media at the moment. This month the team at Content Stadium found a bunch of tips and tricks from trends to usage stats. Read them all at the link below.