10 Facts That Prove Millennials & Gen Z Care About More Than Just Kardashians and Avocados

Millennials have been profiled as smashed avo eating, selfie-taking, RM Williams-wearing narcissists, who are incapable of saving for real estate or maintaining strong relationships. With an office full of bright and ambitious millennials (some of whom own their homes and eat their brunch, too), The Township knows these misconceptions are worth debunking. Read on as we explore the ins and outs of the Australian millennial agenda*.

01 They care - they really, really care!

Despite their reputation as the narcissistic selfie generations, the stats show that Australian millennials and Gen Zs have greater matters on their minds. 95% of these 15-35 year olds care about sustainability and the environment, followed closely by gender equality (94%) and social equality (93%). 36% do care about smashed avo, which is less than you’d expect, but still more than the 34% who care about Australia becoming a republic.

02 What content do they like to see in their daily scroll?

Australian millennials will be most tempted to double tap travel, gender and science/tech related content. They have a clear desire to escape and explore (although not always the funds), ‘wokeness’ for gender-related social issues, and an obsession with Elon Musk and his marvellous creations. They’re not too concerned with entertainment-based content, and tbh, we get it. There’s so much out there, so despite the fact it can be enjoyable, the demand has well and truly lessened.

03 It’s not all puppy gifs and wholesome memes.

In 2018, 49% of Australians aged 15-35 claimed they felt anxious, a state that has seemingly been perpetuated by brand and media messaging, and constructs. Our take on this? Something has to change, stat. It’s been noted that depression and smartphone use are increasing in tandem, so we need to create something positive and lasting through branded mobile experiences.

04 More than just swiping right.

Millennials fiercely desire loyalty and relationships, with just as strong a fear of failure and loneliness. Ironically, digital connectivity has created a physical disconnect, leaving these mobile natives swiping for a connection on Tinder and Bumble. Our solution? Creating brand narratives fuelled by sentiment, inspiring consumers to connect, engage and share.

05 FOMO is no mo'

FOMO is so last gen. Now, it’s all about JOMO – the joy of missing out. Millennials/Gen Z are drinking less, going out less, and doing less drugs. 56% of them even prefer staying in versus going out! With next-day e-comm deliveries, Netflix and Uber Eats at our fingertips, we really don’t blame them.


1. 1 in 2 Australian Gen Zs will have a tertiary education. Read: more students than ever

2. Only 1% of Gen Zs don’t use Facebook, but daily use has dropped from 98% to 94%.

3. 38% are using ad blockers, down from 55% last year.

4. Snapchat use has decreased 47% over the past year, and Instagram use has increased by 52%. Rather than a shady tweet from Kylie Jenner, we suspect the “duplication” of the Snapchat story function over on Instagram is responsible for this.

5. When it comes to brands, Aussie millennials care most about quality and making an effort to act ethically and with integrity. Brand history? Not so much…

*Statistics pulled from recent qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Junkee Media, Pedestrian TV and VICE, as presented at the 2018 Youth Marketing Conference.