It’s the most wonderful time of the year – From Pinterest Predicts to Spotify Wrapped! Join us as we package up the year that was and look to the future – spooky! With exciting new trends, colours and social media features, level 2024 is unlocked!

1. Pantone reveals the colour of 2024!

It’s the 25th anniversary of Pantone’s colour of the year! And for 2024, Pantone has “read the room” with the gentle colour of Peach Fuzz set to be the colour next year. It’s a far cry from the Magenta of 2023 – a year which heralded technological advancements in AI and a whole lot of unforeseen tumultuous events. For 2024 the tone is velvety, calm and “conveying a heartfelt kindness.” So with Pantone’s Peach Fuzz, it’s time to manifest a sweet 2024!
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2. Pinterest Predicts for 2024

It’s that time of year – the time when Pinterest puts their data to good use, predicting the trends of 2024! And what a year it’s turning out to be. From colourful Kitsch-ens to luxury skincare and TLC – Boomers, Gen Z and Millennials are looking to boost comfort and cosiness at home. Staycations and catching up on sleep are all important as we embrace life in the slow lane, meanwhile beauty and design will get bigger and bolder, and we’ll probably put a bow on it! Tap the link below to explore more of the year to come! here.

3. Forbes marketing trends for the new year

This month Forbes is attempting to foresee the future of marketing with their top five trends. While AI will play a big part in 2024, personalised and conversational marketing will be equally important, engaging consumers in real-time. Marketing campaigns are expected to ramp up their efforts on VR while sustainability will still play a huge role in what consumers want to see. Personally, we’re keen to see it all happen. Learn more here!

4. Instagram tests the “Hype” function

This month Instagram hopes to ignite hype with their new feature that allows users to comment publicly on people’s stories. The feature, named Hype, essentially works the way comments on a live story work, allowing other viewers to see and add comments, building up the “hype” of the creator. With Instagram chief Adam Mosseri explaining that users now “post a lot more to stories, and send a lot more DMs, than they post to Feed,” it’s clear that the stories space is becoming a key focus for the app and adding public comments seems like an engaging move.

5. Deep-dive into design with Spotify Wrapped

And finally we come to arguably the best part of December – the release of this year’s Spotify Wrapped. As a marketing move Spotify Wrapped is genius, but in terms of design this year they were something else entirely. Having to create a visual identity that works globally across various languages is a challenge in itself and this year they seemed to be inspired by chaos with a design that was more fluid and free-flowing, featuring a range of eclectic shapes, colours and styles. Global head of brand design Rasmus Wängelin said it aimed to reflect the atmosphere of 2023 – “There’s something about this year that felt especially chaotic in terms of how people consumed culture,” he said. And all we can say is they nailed it.