This month we take a look at predicted trends and changes to Meta, LinkedIn, and Instagram as we head towards the end of another busy year!

From AI to close friends, the social media landscape is becoming less social, at least publicly – and the platforms are adapting. Explore with us as we look into trends for next year and last-minute changes to our favourite platforms!

1. Dive into these top design trends for 2024!

According to Creative Boom, as businesses try to survive global turmoil, good design will be vital in helping them stand out visually, connect with their audiences, and create brand loyalty. From subscription-based agency work to brand sprints (offering one thing and doing it well) the overall model of graphic design work seems to be shifting. Meanwhile, sustainability and AI are pushing designers to create in new, more interesting ways. Let’s dive into these predicted design trends of 2024 here.

2. Dazed Digital helps us cope with difficult content on social media.

It’s something we are facing more and more frequently – how to look after ourselves in the age of information overload. The team at Dazed Digital has put together these tips to help you in the face of social media feeds and news reports that are filled with extreme events and suffering. From directing your feelings into action and only focusing on what you can control, these helpful tips may help you navigate social media in today’s world. Explore more here.

3. A warning ahead of changes to LinkedIn.

The team at LinkedIn has warned that their removal of carousel posting, profile videos, and in-image linking options will be carried out retrospectively. This means that any carousel posts that your business has created in the past will be deleted. Clickable links will be deleted but the content they were posted on will remain. LinkedIn says this is due to a lack of interest in these features and an effort to streamline the platform. So now’s your chance to double-check your LinkedIn planning and save any posts you don’t want to lose!

4. “Close friends” gets expanded on Instagram.

This month Instagram expanded the use of their “Close Friends” function. Now users have the option to share Reels and feed posts with their Close Friends list only, rather than publicly. This comes as the latest of Instagram’s efforts to remain popular as users continue to shy away from public posting, as explained by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri last year:
“Friends now post a lot more to stories, and send a lot more DMs, than they post to Feed.”

5. Forbes highlights the top trends of 2024.

Like all marketing teams, we love knowing what to expect from future trends and how to make the most of them for our clients. From sustainability to AI and short-form video, Forbes suggests that the marketing world in 2024 will be an exciting blend of technology and human-centric approaches. So let’s dive in and explore these trends together here!

6. Meta unmasks new tools for creators.

This month in a bid to lure more creators back to their apps, Meta added a range of new tools and upgrades to help creators gain insights into content performance and optimise their approach. An A/B testing option for reels will help creators refine their performance. They are also adding “Achievements” – a new way of driving specific behaviours by incentivising creators with rewards and badges in-stream. And a new content management element on their Professional Dashboard will allow creators to see all of their posts, Reels, and videos in one place. To explore these changes in more detail and see how they can help you, tap the link here!